You’ll notice that nobody publishes their prices on their web sites. There is a reason for that. If you post your prices, the competition can simply beat your price by one dollar and get the business. I am not going to post mine either! But I am going to tell you how much you can expect to pay!

At Valhalla fugitive recovery services we desire to provide better service at lower prices then you are paying now. We only do one thing here at Valhalla. We capture fugitives. Legally, respectfully, fairly, and quickly. Our mission is to provide better service than others at a better price!

So here is how it works:
Whatever you are currently being charged, take off 25%.
Its just that easy!

The average bond in the state of Minnesota is $5000. Most bail enforcement agents charge 10% of the value of the bond for a recovery. So in the case of the average bond of $5000, the recovery fee is $500 or more. At Valhalla FRS we charge 25% less than others or $375.

Simple and to the point.

If we can’t beat their price we don’t deserve your business.

We do one job. We capture fugitives.

And now you have a good idea about what we charge!