Why us?

At Valhalla fugitive recovery services, we strive to provide the best service while maintaining the lowest prices in the business. We are designed to react quickly to the ever changing climate of bail enforcement and fugitive recovery services. Further, our philosophy for fugitive recovery is based on creating heat. In other words we react faster to changing fugitive profiles. We do this by not solely relying on computers and data packets. We are out there on the streets. Creating heat around the fugitives safe areas. Taking away the possible locations where they can lay their heads, one location at a time. We do this until either the fugitive is turned in by informants, or turns himself in. We do this by staying in contact with informants, co-signers, or loved ones. And by covering each safe area regularly until there is literally no where to hide.

We press the flesh. We get out there and do the work. Show the pictures. Discuss the possibilities with those involved. We do this for one reason. To protect your investment, and your ability to write bail. Further, we seek to foster respect for all your clients, in an effort to help you grow your business.

You can leave the recovery to us. You can turn over the worries to us. And concentrate on what you do best, write bail, and grow your business. This kind of trust and dedication allows you to write larger and larger bonds without worrying about the prospects of one of your clients running away and taking your money with him!